Tomato is available almost in all seasons in Iran. Tomato in spring in Karaj, Varamin, Shiraz, Isfahan and Yazd in available. In summer it is available in Karaj, and in late-summer in Isfahan, Shiraz and Isfahan. And also in autumn and winter it is available just in Dezful of Iran.
Tomato can't be stored too long in cold storage and exporting tomatoes should pick unripe and hard. Before loading and exporting it should be preserved in refrigerator in 3-4 degree so that it doesn't soften and spoil during exportation.
Tomato has different types but all of them aren't for exportation.
1. Daphneis (Super tomato) which is suitable for exportation.
2. 8320 which has greenhouse seed but it also cultivates in farms.
3. Matina which is not use for exportation.
4. Cherry tomato which sometimes have export usage and also cluster tomatoes.
In loading of tomato the weight of each packing is almost 5-6 kg. In 1 FCL there are 26 pallets and on each pallet there are 130 baskets which totally weights 18 ton.

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