Tomato is available in all seasons in Iran.
Tomato in spring in Karaj, Varamin, Shiraz, Isfahan and Yazd is available.
In summer it is available in Karaj, and in late-summer in Isfahan, Shiraz and Isfahan.
And also in autumn and winter it is available just in Dezful of Iran.
It can't be stored too long in cold storage and exporting tomatoes should pick unripe and hard.
Before loading and exporting it should be preserved in refrigerator in 3-4 degree so that it doesn't soften and spoil during exportation.
Tomato has different types but all of them aren't for exportation.
1. Daphneis (Super tomato) which is suitable for exportation.
2. 8320 which has greenhouse seed but it also cultivates in farms.
3. Matina which is not use for exportation.
4. Cherry tomato which sometimes have export usage and also cluster tomatoes.
In loading of tomato the weight of each packing is almost 5-6 kg.
In 1 FCL there are 26 pallets and on each pallet there are 130 baskets which totally weights 18 ton.

Cultivate Tomato

Tomato is a vegetable for tropical regions.
This plant needs warm and dry climate and can't grow in cold and humid climates.
And the point is that light intensity can affect the color of the vegetable
So it depends on:
- cultivate in tropical and hot climates
- This plant can't tolerate frost
- high dependence on the light of the sun
This plant grows well in temperatures between 10 to 30 degrees Celsius
About the soil of the tomato we can say that it grows well in mineral-rich and loamy soils.
And the soil depth must be between 10 to 20 Cm.
In soils with heavy texture, deep plowing can provide the conditions for good root penetration.
Also tomato can tolerate the soils with different PH.
But generally the PH between 5.5 to 6.8 is the best.
So to sum up tomato grows best in the soil with high water holding capacity, optimal ventilation, free of salts.
you can cultivate this plant in all seasons but consider that you should avoid frost.
So the time of cultivation depends on the climate of the area.
The fertilizer you want to use must contain nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and calcium.
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