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Procedure of your order



Place your order by contacting our personnel. (call, email, or whatsapp)


Our personnel check the inventory and farm availability to make sure your order is available and can be transported in the shortest time possible.


Our packing team choose the best way to pack your order and also you can choose your own packing with your own logo.


We make contract with the best know transportation companies and your order will be in the destination's port in the shortest time possible.

Our Products

Fresh fruit land company is one of the extensive producers and distributors of fresh fruit and vegetable products to Gulf Region.
Our years of experience helped us to improve the quality of our products and be able to keep our customers completely satisfied.
We have many warehouses in different parts of country which helps us to deliver the products to the port from the nearest warehouse.
So it will be fresh when you receive it in your port.
Fresh Fruit Land Company has chosen ten products as main.
Which are:
Apple, cabbage, cauliflower, cucumber, garlic, kiwi, lettuce, onion, tomato, watermelon.
These are our main products but we can provide many other fruits and vegetables.
Such as:
Pomegranate, melons, apricot, plum, cherry, sour cherry, grape, nectarine, date, dried fruits and also nuts.
So if you want these products contact us now to order your container.
but first check out our calendar to check the availability.

Iranian Nuts and Dried fruit

The advantage of exporting fruits is that if they are not suitable for exporting,
companies can make compote and even dried fruits out of them.
Iran also has a long history in the production of dried fruits.
In fact, the drying of various types of dried fruits, known as nuts,
in high quality and in considerable volume in the country,
has caused Iran not only exporter of fresh fruits, but also very good exporters of dried fruits.
Various dried fruits such as:
apples, apricots, cherries, palms, oranges, kiwi, berries and figs ... are produced in many cities of Iran.
Iran can produce dried fruits in standard packaging
with modern machines and without the intervention of the hand in the hygienic process.
This is important because we consider the health aspect of our products.
In fact, although many countries can produce dried fruits,
the excellent quality and taste of Iranian dried fruits have led Iran to have a good market in trading dried fruits.

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