Iran, with produce 3 million tons of onion is the sixth producer of onion in the world and has onion in 4 seasons.
3 kinds of onion is cultivated in Iran: red, gold, white. Red onion lasts longer than other kinds, so most of the exporting onion of Iran is red onion.
Onion cultivates in different cities of Iran such as Bonab, Azarshahr, Hamedan, Kermanshah, Zanjan, Urmia, Tabriz and Kurdistan.
Packing of onion is in gunnies of 10-20 kg and it is placed without pallets in container.
Other kind of packing onion is sorting it in three categories. 1. Small, 2. Medium, 3. Big
Onion can be kept in cold storage and dark storage with suitable ventilation, and it can be in the storage until it isn't rooted or greened (which takes almost 4-5 months).
For transportation of fresh onion, tent container can be used and in order of using refrigerator container it should have suitable ventilation.
Depending on laws of destination country, there are different FCLs, but FCL of onion is almost 23 tons.

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