Iran, with produce 3 million tons of onion is the sixth producer of it in the world and has onion in 4 seasons.
3 kinds of this plant is available in Iran: red, gold, white.
Red one lasts longer than other kinds, so most of the export onion of Iran is red.
It cultivates in different cities of Iran such as Bonab, Azarshahr, Hamedan, Kermanshah, Zanjan, Urmia, Tabriz and Kurdistan.
Packing of the product is in 10-20 kg gunny and they put it without pallets in container.
Other kind of packing onion is sorting it in three categories. 1. Small, 2. Medium, 3. Big
They can keep onion in cold storage and dark storage with suitable ventilation.
They keep them in in cold storage until they don't become green and with root (which takes almost 4-5 months).
Tent container is best to transport it.
In order to use refrigerator container, it should have suitable ventilation.
Depending on laws of destination country, there are different FCLs, but FCL of onion is almost 23 tons.

Suitable Climate to Grow Onion

Although onion is for cold regions, in Iran it can be cultivated in cold regions like Tabriz and tropical like Kurdistan
Onions are the product of the cold season and the temperature range of 5 to 30 degrees Celsius is suitable for germination.
The optimum temperature for the growing is 17 to 25 degrees Celsius.
This plant needs a low temperature in the early stages of its growth and a high temperature in the late growing season.
The soil must be light, soft and also fertile.
Besides adding animal manure is necessary for growing this plant.
They plant onions in the ground as seedlings or direct seed cultivation.
In cold regions they sow the seed of onion immediately after the frost of winter. It means in spring.
In tropical regions in autumn, and semi-tropical in early winter.
Also the distance between the rows is 45-30 and the distance between the plants on the row is 9-5 cm.
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