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Export Melon of Iran

Melon is one of the most popular fruits in the world, and export it can have a good profit and exchange rate due to its popularity and its pleasant and popular color and smell.
It has different types such as:
Watermelon, cantaloupe, Galia Melon, Canary Melon, Winter Melon, Snap Melon, and …
The best export type of melon is called Santa Claus Melon.
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Melon is grown directly because its roots are sensitive to displacement.
In temperate regions, the seeds are sown directly in late or mid-spring, and in tropical areas, the seeds are sown in mid-winter.
Suitable climate for melon is a long season free of frost with plenty of light and heat of dry air and sufficient soil moisture.
This plant needs heat and especially high light.
Cloudy and rainy weather at the time of ripening prevents the fruit to have the desired taste and quality.
Although melons are grown in variety of soils, they only grow best in fertile soils which have enough organic mineral nutrients.
Suitable for cultivation is sandy, loamy and clay soils with good drainage. The most suitable pH for melon planting is between 6 and 7.
In acidic soils, its growth is reduced and the leaves turn yellowish-green.
The temperature should be about 30 degrees during the day and not lower than 23 degrees at night.
Due to Iran's favorable climate, melon is planted and harvested in large quantities. It is planted in late December and harvested from late March to June.
Spain, Netherland, United States, Brazil and Guatemala are the top five exporters of melon.
And Iran is also ranked ninth among the countries exporting this product.
In importing this product, the United States has the largest share with 21%. This country also has a large share in exporting melon. United States imports this fruit and re-exports it.
Carton boxes are usually used for packing melon.
You should be careful when you want to export these products and make sure that the packing is suitable and does not cause damage the product.


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