Lettuce is available all year in Iran and it has two kinds: 1. Normal lettuce (Long lettuce), 2. Iceberg lettuce. Both of them are exporting lettuces.
Like any other vegetable, in cold seasons, lettuce cutivates in south part of Iran like Dezful and in first mid-year (warmer seasons) in north and central parts of Iran. Exporting lettuce must be fresh and be stored in refrigerator from 24 hours before export in order to keep it fresh in transportation. The freshness of lettuce can be detected from its stem. The stem of lettuce should be white and without rust.
Packing of iceberg lettuce is generally Nano packs, and for normal lettuce carton boxes are used.
These boxes are 10-11 kg and almost 15-16 pcs of normal lettuce and 10-11 pcs of iceberg lettuce fits in these boxes. For container transportation, in each pallet 60 baskets fits which equivalents 450-500 kg, so FCL of lettuce is 10-11 tons. Lettuce is sensitive to temperature so its transportation is just with refrigerator container.
Using Nano nylons can increase the life of the product.

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