Export Kiwi Fruit

Kiwi fruit can be picked in October and it can be used to nearly 2 months.
Because of fructose, it softens if it stays on the tree for a long time.
For get to the destination safely, they pickup it unripe and completely hard.
This fruit needs humidity for ripening so it cultivates in north part of Iran which has enough humid for kiwi fruit.
The export kiwi fruit seed of Iran is Hayward.
Iran supplies 100% kiwi fruit of Russia and 30-40% kiwi fruit of Turkey.
Also most countries of gulf region, Pakistan, and India have interest in kiwi of Iran.
Packing has different sizes like +70 gr, +90 gr and +110 gr.
And also we can pack in any sizes that the customer orders.
After registration of order, it takes 2-3 days to prepare the packing and it takes 1 day to transport them to the port of Iran.
Transport with ship takes 1 day.
So 4-5 days after registration of order the products can  release in the port of destination country.
Also you should know that flat and asymmetric products never pass the sorting;
and after separation from others they used them for production of other products.
One of the biggest problems of transportation is that it softens during the path.
Our company guarantees, with high quality packaging and using unique technology, delay the process of ripening of product.
And also they evacuate container from gases that makes it ripe sooner.

Suitable Soil for Kiwi Fruit

Suitable soil for planting and growing kiwi fruit is sandy soil with enough humus.
And also its soil should be light and rich in organic matter and have good drainage and sufficient depth.
Due to the sensitiveness of this fruit to salinity, the water should contain as less as possibly.
It is a semi-tropical fruit that is more resistant to cold than other citruses and it needs a lot of moisture and water.
Also it is resistant to temperatures below 10 degrees Celsius.
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