The only exportable garlic is Hamedan's garlic which cultivates in summer (from nearly may to last days of June). After summer garlic harvests and keeps in refrigerator rooms or warehouses to keep. The warehouses have to be dark and has proper ventilation. Cold stores are located in Alborz, Tehran, Shiraz, Tabriz, and…
The garlic which have stored in cold stores (in -3 temp) and warehouses till Apr-May can be exported up to Dec and Jan. because export garlic has to be white and without sprouts. After this period of time they will sprouted and can't be exported anymore.
In the season of harvest of garlic, transportation is with tent container and in the season of storage in refrigerator or warehouse, transportation is with refrigerator container.
In mid-April and May there are no garlics neither in warehouse and cold stores, nor fresh garlic for export.
Sea transportation of fresh garlic in the summer is with launch and for refrigerator stored garlics, ship can be used as transportation.
Health certificate of garlic is very important. If two fungal of Sclerotium and Ditylenchus don't exist, this certificate will be given to this product.
Packing of this product can be changed based on the order of the customer, but normally it is exported in 5kg boxes.

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