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Competitive Advantages

Fresh fruit land company currently has three cold storage in different parts of Iran.
Beside farmlands, which are our competitive advantage than our competitors;
cold storage have been considered to keep different products.
First of all to keep kiwi, orange and tangerine in humid parts of north of Iran,
there is a cold storage in Astara.
This Cold Storage has capacity of 5000 tons.
And also to keep fresh onion and garlic because of long distance,
there is a 4000-ton cold storage in Karaj,
which has special keeping condition,
with special light and temperature.
Also for daily keeping of:
lettuce, cabbage, cauliflower, tomato, cucumber, and…
another cold storage which is 5000-ton is considered in Dezful.
This cold storage not only decreases inner distance (from land to cold storage),
But also distance of sending product to gulf region (from cold storage to port).
Our work experience indicates that:
sending high quality products with suitable packing,
causes continuation of our cooperation with customers.

Fresh Fruit Land Company

Fresh Fruit Land Company as a fruit and vegetable importer and exporter in Iran started working since 2001.
After a short time we expanded our work and started to supply different countries,
such as:
Russia,United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Qatar, Oman, Pakistan, and also Iraq and ...
We certainly grow certified organic products on our farms.
So we ensure you to send fresh, healthy, and the best products in a short time.
Satisfied customers are the reason we try our best to keep them satisfied as always.
We produce fresh and high quality fruits and vegetables.
If you want to contact us we are available Sat-Thu 9:00 to 17:00.
Based on local time of Iran.

Our Team

Fresh Fruit Land's management team consists of experienced people in this filed.
Manager of team is Mojtaba Kazemi with 12 years’ experience in this field.
His management experience has increased the efficiency and effectiveness of the company.
-full awareness on all of the farmlands
-furthermore his effective connection with merchants out of country
-also his mastery of trading causes trust building in customers to company.
The executive director of company is Pedram Majdi.
With 10 years’ experience in importing and exporting of different agricultural products.
-complete supervision to products from order to receive
-cargo quality verification
-also essential standards to load and keep product from farmlands and cold storage is his duty.

We have a rich offer for everyone

Fresh vegetables

We have most of vegetables available in most seasons of year. Check our calendar for more information.

Fresh fruit

We ensure you to get the best quality fruits in your country. Check our calendar for more information.


We want to make sure all the world taste our best quality, Persian nuts.

Mission of Our Company

First of all Fresh Fruit Land's mission is to be a reliable supplier.
Also to provide all of our clients with the best quality fruits and vegetables.
Certainly to control and monitor the quality of our products from planting to shipping.
Moreover to be able to exceed the expectation of our customers.

Vision of Our Company

Fresh Fruit Land vision is to gain the global market.
Also to trade with all over the world by producing the best quality, organic fruits and vegetables.
So we do our best to supply all the world with healthiest product.
Moreover we are trying to be leader in exporting and importing products.


Charity is very important for the Fresh Fruit Land's Company.
There are lots of people in the world who are:
homeless, unemployed, or even hungry.
So from the beginning of our job in Fresh fruit land Company;
We decided to donate 10 percent of our income to charities.
To support people who need more than us.
We focus not only on poor people;
but also on children who can't afford their educational fee and working children.
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The Taste of Quality.

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