Exporting the best mushroom from Iran to all over the world

Iran is among the 6 top producers of mushroom. The quality of mushrooms produced in Iran is in a way that it has the world quality standards and can be exported to all over the world.
However, due to the distance, exports mushroom to neighboring countries such as Turkey, Iraq, Kuwait, Qatar, Azerbaijan, Pakistan, Tajikistan, etc. have received more attention.
Among the provinces of Iran, Tehran, Alborz, Isfahan are the leading cities in the production and cultivation it. So most of the export mushrooms are from these cities.
In general, more than 20 species of mushrooms are grown in the world, however, among them cultivation of button mushrooms are more than others.
Despite the ability of mushroom production in Iran, in order to increase competitiveness in the field of exports this product, global standards in the quality of export mushrooms, the type of packaging, the price and so on should be considered.
Due to the fact that among the mushrooms, the button mushroom has a larger volume of exports, the specifications of this mushroom are examined.
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These qualities are very important:
1. The quality of export button mushrooms
Export button mushrooms are usually picked from the best mushrooms (super).

An excellent button mushroom (super) must have the following characteristics:
- The base of the mushroom must be attached to the cap.
- Mushrooms must be free of diseases and pests.
- Mushrooms must be completely white.
- Mushrooms must be free of any damage.

2. Size of the mushrooms

Export mushroom is usually packaged.
For more beauty it is important that the export mushrooms be almost same size.
3. Type of packaging

The packaging of food products, especially raw foods and vegetables, is very important.

Packaging should have the following features:

- Mushroom packaging should be designed to prevent damage to mushroom as much as possible.
- Mushroom packaging should be free of harmful chemicals that affect food.
- The packaging must be in a way that the product be visible from outside of the packaging.
- Packaging should be visually appealing.
- The weight of packaging containers can vary depending on the target market and the destination country.

4. Mushroom packaging’s label

- The brand name of the mushroom producer must be written on the label.
- The name of the product (scientific name such as fungi or fungus or mushroom) must be written on the label or replaced with the usual name of the product in the destination country.
- The type of product (frozen mushrooms, mushroom powder, blanched mushrooms, etc.) must be included on the packaging.
- It is common that in addition to the quality of the mushroom production specifications, such as the year of production, the expiration date should also be written on the label.

5. Export price:
Exported mushrooms are picked from the best products.
In addition, the type of packaging of exported mushrooms is different and usually different from the packaging of mushrooms offered in the domestic market.
Therefore, depending on the quality of the mushrooms, the type of packaging and transportation costs, the price of the exported mushrooms usually exceeds the price of the mushrooms in the domestic market.
However, given the widespread competition in the global market, it is important to note that the costs and prices of mushrooms exported from Iran have the potential to compete with the global market.
In addition to the above, there may be special rules for exporting mushrooms to different countries.
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