Cucumber is almost available all the year in Iran. In the first mid-year cucumber is available in Karaj, Varamin, Shiraz, Yazd, and Isfahan; and in second mid-year it is available in Dezful. Export pole of cucumber is Yazd and although it has cucumber farms but only greenhouse cucumbers are exportable.
Cucumber, just like any other vegetable, can't be kept too long in cold stores. In order to keep it fresh longer, plastic boxes and Nano nylons are used for packing.
Transportation of cucumber is with refrigerator containers and tent containers can't be used. Baskets of cucumber are often 7-9kg, in each pallet 80 baskets can be kept, which totally weights 19 ton in 1 FCL. After ordering, loading takes 2 days. According to available sizes, packing can be from min cucumber, to bigger sizes. And transportation to port takes 1 day.
Picking and packing is done by experts in this product. Sorting is done by SN505 machine and it is completely automatic.

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