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From Our Farm to Your Port

This article is about our company and how to contact us and order your products.
Fresh Fruit Land company started in 2001 as exporter of fresh fruits and vegetables.
And now after 19 years we have experience enough to be able to keep our customers completely satisfied.
The first advantage of our company is that we have farmland from each part of country.
Not only Iran is four season country, but also every part of this country has different climate.
And Fresh Fruit Land Company has different farmlands in different parts of Iran.
These farmlands have the most fertile soils to produce the best products for our customers.
you can see the pictures of our products here.
Moreover, all the products that we produce is completely organic.
So you can be sure the product you buy is healthy.
for more information Contact Fresh Fruit Land Company.

The Packing of Our Products

The packing of product is very important because of two things:
Firstly, it is important to choose the best packing to help keep the product completely safe during the transportation.
If you choose unsuitable packing for a product, surly they will be ruined at the end of the way.
Also the best thing about Fresh Fruit Land is that we recommend the best type of packing for the product you want to order.
But it is you who choose the way you want us to pack your order.
We always respect the choice of our customers
The next important thing about packing is that it should be in a way to make the products more eye-catching.
Not only firmness is important, but also the look of the product is very important for us and for the customer.
You can see pictures of our packing on our website.
Contact us now with the number on the top of this page.

Keeping in Warehouses

Most of the products can't be stored in warehouses for a long time.
So it is very important to just keep them for a very short time in order to send the product completely fresh.
The point is that products, which stay in warehouses for a short time, are in cool and low oxygen areas to avoid withering.

Transferring the Products

The last but not the least is the transportation of the product.
It is very important to arrange the products on the pallets in a way,
to keep the products safe and sound during the transportation.
The transportation has two steps.
First transportation by containers to the ship or plane.
This transportation is done be two kinds of containers:
- Tent container
- Refrigerator Container

Tent container is for the products which don't need cool areas. like onion.
And refrigerator container, as the name suggests is the container with the ability to keep the products in cool areas,
in order to keep them fresh.
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