Iran, the Third Producer of Cherry in the world


Export Cherry of Iran

Each year 18 million tons of cherries is produced in the world.
Iran, after Turkey and United States, is the third producer of cherry in the world.
Although Iran has third place in production, the quality of cherries is very good and it is very popular.
Also, each year more than 1,000 tons are packaged for export, about 50 percent of which is exported to Russia and the rest to the Gulf region and other countries.
which after washing with machine, it enters the cold storage and after drying and shock, they put it in nano cellophane and lastly, they put it in 8 kg baskets.
And sulfur pad is used to make the cherries more durable.
After palletizing the product, it is loaded in the refrigerated container and transported to the destination port.
After Neishabour cherry, which starts in early July and continues until end of this month, Urmia cherry is popular because of high quality and it has many customers for export.
Iran is the third country in the world in the production of various cherries.
This product produces and harvests in different different parts of the country.
Black cherry, which is one of the best-selling cherries, has the highest harvest among cherries.
Red cherry is the next best-selling cherry which is mostly harvested in Khorasan and northwest of the country.
Exported cherries are usually harvested from early July and packed in 8 kg plastic baskets.
In choosing the packing, first the customer’s selection is very important and also the packing must be in a way that the product do not get any damage or crushed during export.
Also, the packing is very important because for many customers the kind of packing is very important.
Different countries have different expectations in packaging and it must be chosen after identifying the target market. Contact us for more information.