Exporting cauliflower should be big and white and also it should be sunless and harvest without interference of hand.
It cultivates in Karaj and Varamin in the first mid-year, in autumn just in Varamin, and in winter in Dezful.
It needs cool weather between 1.5 to 3 month to become completely ripe.
The daytime temperature for ripe cauliflower should be 60 degrees Fahrenheit (15.5 degrees of Celsius).
So the time for plant it depends on the climate.
In cold regions it is cultivated in spring.
In regions without very cold winters, you can plant it in late autumn.
Also it needs light minimum 6 hours a day.
Late harvesting causes the plant turn brown, bitter, and the flowers open and it looses the export value.
Another point is that make sure the plants have enough place to grow.
There should be 18 to 24 inches (45 to 70 cm) space between them.
Broccoli is just like cauliflower. It can be planted or transplanted directly.
It is similar to cauliflower in terms of climatic needs, but is slightly resistant to cold.

Soil of cauliflower

The soil of cauliflower should contain organic matter.
This helps to keep the moisture of the soil.
Also It should contain lots of potassium and nitrogen.
If the soil doesn't have enough potassium and nitrogen you should use fertilizer.
And just like cabbage you need to use mulch on the surface of the soil to help keep the moisture of the soil.
Also PH of the soil must be between 6.5 to 7.


Packing of cauliflower is in boxes (baskets and plastic carton) and there are 6 pieces in each box. In each pallet there are almost 65 baskets or cartons. So totally there are 1820 boxes in each FCL. Like any other vegetable, cauliflower can't store in cold stores for more than one week. Water keeps it fresh in cold stores. Contact us now to order your container from Fresh Fruit Land.

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