Exportable cabbage of Iran has 3 types:
1. White cabbage (it is the most imp one)
2. Red cabbage
3. Broccoli
Like any other vegetables, in cold seasons it cultivates in south part of Iran.
Also in warm seasons it cultivates in central and north part of Iran which has moderate climate.
Cabbage is resistant to cold but it is very sensitive to hot weather.
in hot weather it's leaves become rough and bitter, so it wouldn't be suitable for export.
So in cold regions they plant it after frost and in tropical areas They plant it in autumn or winter.

The soil of cabbage

The soil of cabbage is also important in planting and cultivating it.
It can survive in any type of soil but it has to have suitable drain pipes.
in general it cultivates in any type of soil and soil's moisture is more important than the type of soil.
in tropical weather which the soil  moisture is low, it is recommended to use mulch.
Also adding organic fertilizer on the surface of the soil helps to keep the moisture of the soil.
The best PH for growing it is 6 to 6.5 because it can't grow in acidic soils.
In cold regions, where the cabbage cultivates in spring, the soil should be plowed in the fall.
But in tropical regions, where it cultivates in fall, the soil should be plowed in late spring or early summer.


They Pack red and white cabbage individually in nylons,
but broccoli because of sensitiveness, transports in Styrofoam boxes with doors which all parts are covered with dried ice.
So picking and sorting is simultaneously and it can be pack both with Nano nylons and also 6-8 in one box.
To keep cabbages fresh, the experts pack it with its leaves.
Because of raining of autumn, cabbages which cultivate in early autumn are bigger, so their FCL changes from 15 ton to 23ton.
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