Apple Fruit

Apple Fruit

Apple fruit is one of the favorite products of people of Gulf region.
It has different prices based on type and size of the apple fruit.
It has three colors yellow, red and green.
We have red, yellow, green and gala apple available.
Apple fruit cultivates in cold regions.
In north-west part of Iran there are lots of gardens which annually yield nearly 70,000 tons.
The process of picking apple is that after harvesting it;
they will transfer to refrigerators and according to order of customer they will arrange in boxes of 7-8 or 10-11 kg.
In packing of apple a paper entitled Graph is used to extract the moisture from the product and also prevents probable damages to the product.
After registration of order, it takes 2-3 days to prepare the packing and it takes 2 days for a full container,
to reach to the port of Iran to be shipped to Arabic countries of Gulf region.
Transport with ship takes 1 day.
So 4 days after registration of order the products can be released in the port of destination country.

Climate for Raising Apple Fruit

Apple fruit is for cold region and it can grow in -25 degrees Celsius to +38 degrees Celsius.
But if the temperature raises from +40 degrees Celsius the apple tree will not grow anymore.
The apple tree wont grown in areas which the total hours of below 7 degrees temperature is less than 1000 hours.
The amount of required water can change in any area and based on the soil that you are using.
PH of the soil must be 5.5 - 5.6 and maximum 5.7.
Apple trees grow in different types of soil, however they grow better in deep soils, rainy sandy loam, with good drainage and good calcium supply.
Their roots are too sensitive to water, and trees suffer from heavy, dense soils that retain water.
Apple is a product with high water requirements.
From July to September the apple tree grows very fast, and from October to November the fruit itself grows.
More than half of the total water used to irrigate the garden must be provided during the summer
So that the fruits can grow and the apple trees can be cooled with cold water.

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