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How to transport fresh fruits and vegetables?


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Product packaging

We separate all the best and put them in your container. All of the packings are set based on the order of the customer. Also the packings are completely sterile and all the people responsible for packing are wearing gloves and special clothes.
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ُSummer offer

Most of the fruits and vegetables can be found all the year, but the truth is fruits and vegetables taste better when they are in season. In Iran most of the fruits and vegetables can be found because of the golden soil and its four season climate.
This season (summer) is when temperature begins to rise and produce begins to flourish. The most important fruits and vegetables are peach, cherry, apricot, small apple, nectarine, pear, cabbage, cauliflower, melons, watermelon and also all of the vegetables.
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Our Golden Offer

Our Mixed Container

In order to get fresh product continuously, lots of customers in gulf region order mixed container. We can put each product that the customer orders in one mixed container. Our customers in Dubai, Qatar, and Oman, in all seasons, put each product that they want in one 40ft container which has 26 pallets in it. This is a sample order of a customer for mixed container:
4 pallets of white cabbage
5 pallets of lettuce
8 pallets of tomato
6 pallets of cucumber

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How we work



Our company has several farm lands with the most fertile soils and we produce organic and healthy products for our customers.



Packing our product in boxes to transfer them to the warehouse. Packing is very important to keep the products safe during transportation. Also you can choose your own packing with your own logo on our products.



Some products will be in the storage for a short time in a cool and low oxygen areas if needed, so they will be received as fresh as possible, and some of the will be transferred right after picking of farm.



We work with lots of great transporting companies. Our products will transfer to the costumers all around the world by ship or transportation vehicles in a short time..

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